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Accepted Papers List

As of 9:00AM JST, October 2

Main Conference

Regular papers

Paper ID Title Corresponding author(s) Paper Registration
009 Reliability Speedup: An Effective Metric for Parallel Application with Checkpointing Wang Zhiyuan 8 up to 8
011 Building Highly Available Cluster File System Based on Replication Liang Cao, Yu Wang, Jin Xiong 8 up to 8
012 A Data Caching Approach for Sensor Applications Khaled Almi'ani 6 up to 8
013 Node-Pancyclicity of Faulty Twisted Cubes Ming-Chien Yang 4 up to 8
017 Maotai 2.0: Data Race Prevention in View-Oriented Parallel Programming Kai-Cheung Leung, Zhiyi Huang 9 9
018 A Biased k-Random Walk to Find Useful Files in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks Hiroo Kitamura 7 up to 8
021 Tracing Internal Communication in MPI and MPI-I/O Julian Kunkel 7 up to 8
022 A Classification-Based Approach to Fault-Tolerance Support in Parallel Programs Dhrubajyoti Goswami 8 up to 8
025 Disjoint-Paths and Fault-Tolerant Routing on Recursive Dual-Net Yamin Li 9 9
027 On the Influence of Thread Allocation for Irregular Codes in NUMA Systems Juan Angel Lorenzo 8 up to 8
034 An Improved Score Level Fusion in Multimodal Biometric Systems Shi-Jinn Horng 8 up to 8
036 An Evolution of the non-parameter Harris Affine Corner Detector: a Distributed Approach domenico tegolo 8 up to 8
041 Applying Heuristic Search for Distributed Software Performance Enhancement Omid Bushehrian 6
046 A Coordination Language for Programming Embedded Multi-Core Systems Tobias Schuele 9 9
049 Clustered Software Queue for Efficient Pipelined Multithreading Yuanming Zhang 8 up to 8
051 Fast Disk Encryption Through GPGPU Acceleration Giovanni Agosta, Alessandro Barenghi, Fabrizio De Santis, Gerardo Pelosi 8 up to 8
052 Automatic evaluation of parallel applications computation structure Juan Gonzalez Garcia 8 up to 8
060 Balanced Dense Polynomial Multiplication on Multi-cores Marc Moreno Maza, Yuzhen Xie 9 9
062 The Mapping Framework and Optimizing Strategy for Block Cryptography on Cell Broadband Engine Mu Xu, Hong An 6 up to 8
069 ICOMC: Invocation Complexity Of Multi-language Clients for Classified Web Services and its Impact on Large Scale SOA Applications Xiaoyi Lu, Yongqiang Zou, Li Zha 9 9
073 A Transition-Aware DVS Method Using a Tree Structure for Jitter-Controlled Real-Time Scheduling Da-Ren Chen 8 up to 8
074 A Generalized Multi-Organization Scheduling on Unrelated Parallel Machines Fukuhito Ooshita, Tomoko Izumi, Taisuke Izumi 8 up to 8
080 Idiom Recognition and Program Scheme Recognition based Program Transformation for Performance Tuning – Beyond Compiler Optimizations– Hiroyuki Sato 8 up to 8
081 Scalable Multi-hop Scheduling with Overlapping the Tuning Latency in WDM Optical Star Networks JungChun Liu 8 up to 8
082 A Novel Genetic Admission Control for Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems Wei SUN 8 up to 8
084 A Distributed (R,2)-Approximation Algorithm for Fault-Tolerant Facility Location shihong xu 8 up to 8
094 Parallelized Critical Path Search in Electrical Circuit Designs Anthony Sulistio 8 up to 8
108 Equi-Width Data Swapping for Private Data Publication Yidong Li, Hong Shen 8 up to 8
110 Acceleration of Byzantine Fault Tolerance by Parallelizing Consensuses Junya Nakamura 8 up to 8

Short papers

Paper ID Title Corresponding author(s) Paper Registration
014 Conditional Fault-Tolerant Cycle Embedding of Star Graphs Ming-Chien Yang 5 up to 6
035 Lambda-Systolic Routing in a Wavelenght-Division Multiplexed All-Optical Butterfly Risto Honkanen 6 up to 6
038 A Novel Metadata Management Architecture Based on Service Separation in Cluster File System Junwei Zhang 6 up to 6
056 Cache Partitioning on Chip Multi-processors for Balanced Parallel Scientific Applications Guang Suo 6 up to 6
057 Cache Partitioning based Job Scheduling to Minimize the Makespan on Chip Multiprocessors Guang Suo 5
061 Performance Optimization Under Small Files Intensive Workloads in BWFS Zhenhan Liu 6 up to 6
067 P2P-Tuple: Towards a Robust Next Generation Volunteer Computing Platform Lei Ni 7 7
068 Selective Rejuvenation for Multi-tier Services of Black Boxes Guanhua Tian
087 A Dynamic User Management in Networked Consumer Electronics via Authentication Proxies Kazuma Kadowaki 6 up to 6
090 Using Mixed and Hybrid TCP Probe methods for Forward IP Paths Inference Yu Jiang 5 up to 6
092 A Speculative Technique for Auto-Memoization Processor with Multithreading Yushi KAMIYA, Tomoaki TSUMURA, Hiroshi MATSUO 7 7
097 Ubiquitous Computing-Oriented Distributed Fuzzy Reasoning Petri Net Modeling and Simulation Jian Ye 7 7
098 Node-to-set Disjoint-path Routing in Metacube Antoine Bossard 6 up to 6


WRAS (Second International Workshop on Reliability, Availability, and Security)

Paper ID Title Corresponding author(s) Paper Registration
201 Space-Optimal Deterministic Rendezvous Stephane Devismes 6 up to 6
202 Heuristic Certificates via Approximations Shlomi Dolev 6 up to 6
203 Bifrost: A Novel Anonymous Communication System with DHT SAITO Shoichi 6 up to 6
204 Power Consumption of Hardware Cryptography Platform for Wireless Sensor Peter Pecho 6 up to 6
205 Trawling Traffic under Attack Shlomi Dolev 6 up to 6
206 Reliable Communication on Emulated Channels Resilient to Transient Faults Yukiko Yamauchi 6 up to 6
207 How to be a More Efficient Snoop: Refined Probe Complexity of Quorum Sets Timo Warns 6 up to 6
208 The Design and Evaluation of a Distributed Reliable File System Thomas Bocek 6 up to 6
209 Consistent Fixed Points and Negative Gain Hrishikesh Bhattacharya 7 7
210 A self-stabilizing (Delta+1)-edge-coloring algorithm of arbitrary graphs Kaouther Drira 6 up to 6
211 Analytical Study of Adversarial Strategies in Cluster-based Overlays Frederic Tronel 6 up to 6
212 Modular Consensus Algorithms for the Crash-Recovery Model Felix Freiling 6 up to 6
213 Stabilization of Maximal-Metric Routing without Knowledge of Nework Size Jorge A Cobb 6 up to 6
214 A Formal Characterization of Uniform Peer Sampling based on View Shuffling Yann Busnel 6 up to 6

SENAMI (2nd International Workshop on Sensor Networks and Ambient Intelligence)

Paper ID Title Corresponding author(s) Paper Registration
301 Greedy Convex Embeddings for Sensor Networks Yakir Berchenko 6 up to 6
302 Single Sensor Acoustic Feature Extraction for Embedded Realtime Vehicle Classification Andreas Starzacher 6 up to 6
303 uTupleSpace: A Bi-Directional Shared Data Space for Wide-Area Sensor Network Takayuki Nakamura, Motonori Nakamura 6 up to 6
304 Error Compensation for Cricket Indoor Location System Shuqiao Zhou 6 up to 6
305 CASanDRA: A framework to provide Context Acquisition Services ANd Reasoning Algorithms for Ambient Intelligence Applications Ana M. Bernardos 6 up to 6
306 Virtual Scent: Finding a Location of Interest in Ambient Intelligence Environment Hiroshi Sato, Takeru Inoue 6 up to 6
307 Evolving Ambient intelligence towards Social Pervasive Computing Claudio Venezia

UPDAS (Workshop on Ultra Performance and Dependable Acceleration Systems)

Paper ID Title Corresponding author(s) Paper Registration
044 A manifold learning approach to autonomic failure prediction xu lu
054 SMP Based Solver For Large Binary Linear Systems Nikhil Jain, Brajesh Pande 6 up to 6
064 Key Elements Tracing Method for Parallel XML Parsing in Multi-core System Xiaosong Li 6 up to 6
101 Improvement of execution efficiency on the MX Core Mitsutaka Nakano 6 up to 6
401 Accurate Measurements and Precise Modeling of Power Dissipation of CUDA Kernels toward Power Optimized High Performance CPU-GPU Computing Reiji Suda 7 7
402 CheCUDA: A Checkpoint/Restart Tool for CUDA Applications Hiroyuki Takizawa 6 up to 6
403 A Study of an Infrastructure for Research and Development of Many-Core Processors Koh Uehara 6 up to 6
404 The Cache-Core Architecture to Enhance the Memory Performance on Multi-Core Processors Yosuke MORI 6 up to 6

PDAA (International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Algorithms and Applications)

Paper ID Title Corresponding author(s) Paper Registration
023 Broadcasting multiple messages using cycle-rooted trees Yuuki Tanaka 6 up to 6
043 An Efficient Hierarchical Clustering Method for Large Datasets with Map-Reduce Tianyang Sun 6 up to 6
075 A Task Selection Based Power-aware Scheduling Algorithm for Applying DVS Yuichiro MORI 6 up to 6
077 A Hierarchical Architecture for Real-Time Search in Peer-to-Peer Networks QIN Tingting 6 up to 6
501 Performance Acceleration for Video Synthesizing Software Targeted to Sports Training Using Multicore Processor Shinichi Yamagiwa 6 up to 6
502 Supporting Partial Ordering with the Parallel Iterator Nasser Giacaman 6 up to 6
503 Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of a GPU based Parallel Bayesian Optimization Algorithm Asim Munawar 6 up to 6
504 Aiding parallel programming with on-the-fly dependence visualisation Oliver Sinnen 7 7
505 A Simple Parallel Convex Hulls Algorithm for Sorted Points and the Performance Evaluation on the Multicore Processors Yasuaki Ito 6 up to 6
506 An efficient parallel sorting compatible with the standard qsort Yasuaki Ito 6 up to 6
507 Greedy Convex Embeddings for Ad-Hoc Networks Yakir Berchenko 6 up to 6
508 Investigation of MANET Routing Protocols for Mobility and Scalability Firat Tekiner 6 up to 6
509 Traffic Provisioning for HTTP Applications in Wifi Networks Marcos Fagundes Caetano 6 up to 6
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